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Unicorn Staffing Solutions: Unicorn Technologies provides a wide range of technical staff who possesses the necessary disciplines to thoroughly complete a project's full life cycle.We can train your current staff and add additional staff to meet project needs.

At Unicorn Technologies we specialize in staffing for our clients on a project needs basis .our experience gives us a superior edge when it comes to finding the right consultant for job .We have over ten years of expertise in IT staffing and that experience is growing with each new client.

We bring a full range of IT capabilities to a variety of IT business situations including:

* IT strategy development: Information technology helps companies transform and grow their business. Bain helps clients identify the optimal future of IT,aligned with business needs,and then works with them to develop a blueprint for implementation.

* IT performance improvement: Under performing IT hurts business performance. Bain works with companies to reduce costs,develop outsourcing and offshoring strategies and meet their needs,redesign their organisation,and ensure a cost-effective application portfolio that supports innovation to deliver breakthrough It performance improvements.

* IT M&A: IT synergies are key to successful mergers,acquisitions,divestitures and spin-offs,but too often they are overlooked early in the deal.We help companies plan and manage the changes in business structures.

IT Project effectiveness:   Bain helps clients maximize the business results from major IT initiatives,including turn around programs.We help executives evaluate the case for investment,set up projects for success and ensure they capture value when implementing new systems and programs.

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